Star Fleet Battles – Daleen First Cruiser SSD


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Project-X is sprinkled with hundreds of mini-empires, each with their own tiny fleet. Often, these tiny fleets will serve and defend a single planet or a small group of planets. Over the course of the Project-X Timeline, these Mini-Empires would play different roles in the grand scheme of events. Some of the Mini-Empires would forge alliances with Major Empires, such as the Republic. Other Mini-Empires would share their technology and incorporate foreign technology into their own small fleet. Still other Mini-Empires would act aggressively and ultimately get destroyed by one of the Major Empires. And some Mini-Empires succeeded in being left alone, staying within their own boundaries no matter what was going on in the galaxy around them.
Presented here is one of the many Mini-Empires of Project-X.

The Daleen First Cruiser was designed primarily for exploration and had limited fighting capabilities. Later comparisons to the Republic First Cruiser would indicate that the Daleen First Cruiser had significantly weaker shields, less overall power, only one heavy weapon, and less systems in general. The Daleen First Cruiser was also slower. Additionally, Delta Rays produced the same damage output as a Phaser-VI, but fired less often. The Delta Bolt, while extremely accurate, was far less destructive than a Kinetic Torpedo.
However, the Daleen First Cruiser did have some advantages, which Republic Engineers would later try to duplicate. The Delta Bolts were capable of firing in any direction, a feat which was unheard of during the First Era. The Delta Rays had impressive firing arcs as well. But most astounding was the incredible maneuverability of the Daleen First Cruiser. None of the Republic Cruisers ever came close to the same type of maneuverability that the Daleen First Cruiser had. Republic Engineers theorized that the unique turning ability of the Daleen First Cruiser was due to its shape, but this was never truly confirmed.

1) Delta Bolts are armed in a single turn.
2) Delta Bolts require two points of energy to arm.
3) Delta Bolts can be held for one point of energy per turn.
8) Delta Bolts are destroyed on Torpedo hits on the DAC.

1) It costs a half point of energy to fire a Delta Ray.
2) Delta Rays can be fired once per turn.
2) Delta Rays do *Not* have a Capacitor.