Star Fleet Battles – Daleen Republic Prototype SSD

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The Daleen and the Republic enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship throughout the First Era. One joint collaboration was the conversion of a Daleen First Cruiser into a Republic Prototype. The Delta Bolts were removed and Kinetic Torpedoes were installed. Each Delta Ray was replaced with a Phaser-V. The intent was to create a cruiser which merged the maneuverability and firing arcs of the Daleen First Cruiser with the firepower of the Republic First Cruiser.
The Republic Prototype met with less than successful results. Republic and Daleen engineers worked tirelessly to give the Kinetic Torpedoes the 360 degree firing radius that the Delta Bolts possessed. Unfortunately, the best they could achieve was the same firing arc employed by Republic First Cruisers. In addition, the Phaser-V’s were limited to their original firing arcs; they never achieved the expanded firing radius utilized by Delta Rays.
There was another unforeseen consequence of the conversion. Due to the greater power requirements to energize the Republic weaponry, the Republic Prototype turned out to be much slower than a Daleen First Cruiser, particularly when all of its weapons were charged. This was a huge disadvantage on the battlefield.
However, the Republic Prototype did succeed in some ways. The starship gained the firepower of a Republic First Cruiser while maintaining the maneuverability of a Daleen First Cruiser. Never before had a cruiser existed that could turn as sharply as a Daleen First Cruiser, but was armed with Kinetic Torpedoes. In this regard, the Daleen Republic Prototype was unique.
Sadly, only one Daleen Republic Prototype was ever built. After examining the results of the conversion, the project was declared a failure and scrapped. The single Daleen Republic Prototype took on a Flagship type of role and would later lead fleets of Daleen starships into battle. The only Daleen Republic Prototype was named the William Wallace.

1) Kinetic Torpedoes are armed over two turns.
2) Standard Kinetic Torpedoes cost one point of energy on the first turn and one point of energy on the second turn.
3) Overloaded Kinetic Torpedoes cost one point of energy on the first turn and two points of energy on the second turn.
4) Double Overloaded Kinetic Torpedoes cost one point of energy on the first turn and three points of energy on the secon turn.
5) Standard Kinetic Torpedoes can be held at a cost of one point per turn.
6) Overloaded Kinetic Torpedoes can be held at a cost of two points per turn.
7) Double Overloaded Kinetic Torpedoes cannot be held.
8) Kinetic Torpedoes are destroyed on Torpedo hits on the DAC.

1) It costs one point of energy to fire a Phaser-V.
2) Phaser-V’s do *Not* have a Capacitor.