Star Fleet Battles – Yaman First Cruiser SSD


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Project-X is sprinkled with hundreds of mini-empires, each with their own tiny fleet. Often, these tiny fleets will serve and defend a single planet or a small group of planets. Over the course of the Project-X Timeline, these Mini-Empires would play different roles in the grand scheme of events. Some of the Mini-Empires would forge alliances with Major Empires, such as the Republic. Other Mini-Empires would share their technology and incorporate foreign technology into their own small fleet. Still other Mini-Empires would act aggressively and ultimately get destroyed by one of the Major Empires. And some Mini-Empires succeeded in being left alone, staying within their own boundaries no matter what was going on in the galaxy around them.
Presented here is one of the many Mini-Empires of Project-X.

The Yaman First Cruiser was built around their core design philosophy: Employ one single powerful weapon in combat. The Yaman didn’t believe in using multiple weapons of lesser strength. They firmly stood by this concept in warfare on their homeworld for hundreds of years.
The Yaman First Cruiser was armed with the Wave Cannon, a massive weapon that drew power directly from the Warp Engines. The Wave Cannon was highly destructive. It was able to cripple a starship at close range and obliterate a starship completely at point blank range.
Unfortunately, the Wave Cannon had distinct disadvantages. It was a short ranged weapon. This meant the Yaman First Cruiser had to close in order to employ the Wave Cannon. Because the Wave Cannon drew energy only from the Warp Drive, the Yaman First Cruiser had to slow down in order to fire the weapon. Lastly, the Wave Cannon had to cool down after firing before it could be used again.
The lack of Phasers also presented the Yaman First Cruiser with difficulties in certain situations. Future Yaman starship designs would try to correct this weakness.
Strangely, the Yaman did not utilize Shields during the First Era. Their starships were protected by layers of armor, which did not require constant energy to maintain.
The emphasis on one massive weapon combined with layers of armor for protection led to another strategic disadvantage. The Yaman First Cruiser had extremely limited maneuverability.
Finally, the Yaman First Cruiser had an unusual amount of shuttles for a First Era starship. The Yaman would later build on this characteristic, eventually using shuttles and fighters to tactically support the Yaman starship in battle.

1) The Wave Cannon automatically hits one target within its firing arc.
2) Use the Wave Cannon Table to determine Damage based on Energy and Range.
3) Power must be allocated to the Wave Cannon during EA from Warp Only.
4) Impulse, Batteries, and APR cannot be used to power the Wave Cannon.
5) The Wave Cannon must cool down for 32 impulses after firing.
6) Wave Cannon boxes are destroyed on Torpedo hits on the DAC.
7) Only when all Wave Cannon boxes are destroyed does the weapon cease functioning.