Star Fleet Battles – Regime FZ4 Battlecruiser SSD

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The standard Battlecruiser deployed by the Regime during the First Era. The Regime FZ4 Battlecruiser would become the historical antithesis of the Republic First Cruiser. Countless duels would be fought between the Regime FZ4 Battlecruiser and the Republic First Cruiser, with victory being awarded to the captain who employed the better tactics. Like the Republic First Cruiser, the Regime FZ4 Battlecruiser was the basis for many variant starships, some of which were successful and some of which were not.
When the Republic first encountered the Regime, they were unprepared for the Phaser-VII. The Phaser-VII could not generate as much damage as a Phaser-V at close range, but it was far more efficient at long range. This worked perfectly for Regime tactics, which focused on hit and run maneuvers while constantly staying out of range. The Republic would struggle to find various ways to counter the Phaser-VII, and eventually even adopted the weapon in some of their own starship designs.
The Regime Battlecruiser was a fast and deadly starship. It possessed swift maneuverability, allowing it to turn much sharper than the Republic First Cruiser. While the Republic’s Kinetic Torpedoes were capable of generating more destructive force in a single volley, the Regime’s Neutron Bolts were more accurate and fired more frequently.
Of particular note were the impressive firing arcs of the Phaser-VII’s on the Regime FZ4 Battlecruiser. Not only could the Regime FZ4 Battlecruiser bring five Phaser-VII’s to bear at a forward oblique angle, but it could also bring three Phaser-VII’s to fire at a rear oblique angle. This led to a variety of different attack patterns that were strategically much different than the standard Republic battle run.
In the First Era, the Republic would struggle greatly to deal with the Regime’s Missiles. The Light Missiles employed by the Regime FZ4 were capable of launching two Missiles at once. This forced the Republic First Cruiser to use its Phaser-V’s to destroy the incoming Missiles, putting it at a distinct disadvantage during the battle. In future Era’s, the Republic would develop a variety of innovative defensive measures to counter the Regime’s Missiles.

1) Neutron Bolts are armed in a single turn.
2) Standard Neutron Bolts cost one point of energy to arm.
3) Proximity Neutron Bolts cost one point of energy to arm. The decision to arm Proximity Neutron Bolts must be made during EA and canont be changed during the turn.
4) Overloaded Neutron Bolts cost two points of energy to arm.
5) Standard Neutron Bolts can be held at a cost of one point per turn.
6) Proximity Neutron Bolts can be held at a cost of one point per turn.
7) Overloaded Neutron Bolts can be held at a cost of two points per turn.
8) Neutron Bolts are destroyed on Torpedo hits on the DAC.

1) Light Missiles can be launched twice per turn, even on the same impulse.
2) Light Missiles have a Firing Arc. The target must be within the Firing Arc at the time of launch.
3) Light Missiles move at Speed 20.
4) Light Missiles are destroyed by 2 points of damage.
5) Light Missiles which impact cause 3 points of damage.
6) Light Missiles are destroyed on Drone hits on the DAC.

1) It costs one point of energy to fire a Phaser-VII.
2) Phaser-VII’s do *Not* have a Capacitor.